Insights for your customer data assets


FunnelAnalyst® incorporates the reporting and analysis tools for the Teavaro CDP

Identification Dashboard

How many of your customers are digitally identified – through which channels, with how many and which type of devices?

Marketing Compliance

How many customers gave you which type of permissions or opted-out? How many acknowledged notifications?

Engagement Dashboard

How successful are your interactions and campaigns? How big are your audiences in which channels? How many of your digital prospects converted into customers?

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reporting and analyzing

The insights to manage your marketing funnel

FunnelAnalyst® is a highly flexible reporting and analysis facility that supports business operations across the marketing stack. FunnelAnalyst® incorporates the reporting and analysis tools for the Teavaro CDP, providing the solution for marketeers information needs with configurable dashboards and visualisations.

key benefits
Reporting and analysis for your marketing stack
High-performance event-level reporting
Aggregated standard reporting in defined time intervals
Flexible, visual analysis and forecasting capabilities in real time