Paid media optimisation in closed ecosystems

Add customer data to your paid media campaigns in  walled gardens: search, social and retail media

Step 1.

Default Facebook campaign

Teavaro’s Identity Resolution helps you create better audiences for your paid retargeting campaigns in walled garden like Meta, Google, etc. and reduce your advertising costs

Step 2.

When you identify a visitor and you have access to user´s offline data, you can decide what is the most effective approach to engage with the users.

Thanks to Teavaro solution you can:

  • Optimise Facebook campaigns
  • Suppress audience

Step 1.

Find the right message
to offer
Find the right message or offer

Target customers in different parts of their buying cycle.

Identify anonymous visitors that show interest on your webpage and offer them content based on their browsing behaviour, historical data, or offline information like customer value, etc.

Reach the right users

Activate those customers who don’t react to your channels like email and SMS.


Reach customers who don’t want to receive email marketing

How Identity resolution can impact in your walled garden?

Reach the right user

Find the right message

Exclude individuals from paid campaigns that are not interested in your product or service

Case Study

Cross Domain Identity for
Multi Brand / Multi Category

Client Situation

Our client wanted to identify customers across its various sites to create one define audience leveraging the customer identity from login on one site across other sites. Based on this foundation we suggest to the client the addition of a customer data to the behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Our Solution

Teavaro´s Identity Resolution helped increase customer match rates on Google and Facebook.

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Paid media optimisation in closed ecosystems

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