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Benefits of Identity Resolution

We explain the concept of identity resolution, its benefits, and how Teavaro can help you to build and leverage your own identity graph.

By Sibilla Ponzoni


Identity Management

First party identity resolution is the way forward in a world without 3rd party cookies and device id’s. Read on to learn how from Teavaro.

Dirk Rohweder, COO & Co-Founder
By Dr. Dirk Rohweder


A Perfect Match

Teavaro Consultant Daniel Meyer unpicks the possible application of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) in the insurance sector, and what benefits Teavaro can bring to the sector.
Daniel Meyer, Lead - Paid Media Solutions
By Daniel Meyer


Why you need identity resolution for paid media optimisation in walled gardens

In this white paper, we review the capabilities of the walled gardens to provide advertisers with accurate targeting of their customers within their ecosystems. We demonstrate how identity resolution can help unlock the benefits of these closed ecosystems and allow advertisers to utilise their first-party data for paid media optimisation.

Ben McDermott, Lead - ID and Compliance Solutions

By Ben McDermott