Active Data in Real-Time

valuable corporate data

FunnelImporter® consists of:

Ingestion of data from multiple sources

Data warehouses, CRM systems, adservers, DSPs, etc. – and consolidation into a single, unified customer profile.

Pre-processing and cleansing of data

To make it actionable for personalised campaigns and prospect and customer attribution.

Activation of data into FunnelConnect®

To combine it with behaviour data and online identifiers

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The mechanisms to bring data in action

FunnelImporter® aids the activation of customer and prospect, campaign and order data from the multiple internal or external sources. With data requirements being varied and often system-unique, we have developed the tools that optimise to your data use needs.

key benefits
FunnelImporter® creates value from your existing customer and prospect data
Unification of Data
Efficient Data Processing
Scalable Configuration