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Unified Profiles, Elevated Engagement: Dive into the Future of Customer Interaction

Teavaro’s customer engagement platform seamlessly integrates data from diverse sources to craft a real-time, holistic customer profile. Gain an unparalleled perspective of each customer, harnessing the power of aggregated first-party data across all marketing avenues. Experience the advantages of pinpoint-targeted marketing, enhanced personalisation, and a transformation in customer experience. Boost your campaigns to achieve higher engagements, conversions, and maximise customer loyalty and lifetime value. Elevate your ROAS and, when paired with our identity resolution platform, enjoy all the robust capabilities of a cutting-edge Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Unified Profiles, Elevated Engagement: Dive into the Future of Customer Interaction

Experience real-time excellence with our platform, offering immediate onsite personalisation and swift event processing.

Built on your real-time identity graph, it guarantees unmatched personalisation, maximizing your first-party data’s value.
Our adaptable architecture complements your MarTech assets seamlessly.

Experience real-time excellence with our platform, offering immediate onsite personalisation and swift event processing.

Built on your real-time identity graph, it guarantees unmatched personalisation, maximizing your first-party data’s value.
Our adaptable architecture complements your MarTech assets seamlessly.

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Real-time Excellence in Customer Engagement

Instant Onsite Personalisation & Swift Event Processing

Crafted with an emphasis on real-time performance, our platform ensures instant personalisation from the first page load. Experience immediate event insights, allowing for quick retargeting actions. Plus, benefit from our ability to embed real-time machine learning models into the event-processing chain for advanced, predictive engagement.

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Maximising First-Party Data with Real-time Identity Graph

Elevated Personalisation Across All Touchpoints

Operate on your own real-time identity graph to achieve unmatched message personalisation, even for non-logged-in users. Boost your match rates on paid media channels beyond that which other platforms offer. Extract unparalleled value from your first-party data across every interaction and marketing channel.

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Composable & Adaptive Platform Architecture

Integrate What You Need, Preserve What You Have

With its unique composable architecture, our platform complements your existing MarTech stack. Use only the functionalities you need while capitalising on your current investments. Our commitment to flexible data structures ensures seamless integrations, especially beneficial for tailored systems where standard connectors may not suffice.

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Unlock New Opportunities with Utiq Partnership

Strategic Activation & Targeting with Utiq's Authentic Consent Service

In alliance with Utiq, we present a game-changing authentic consent service that opens doors to unparalleled activation and targeting opportunities in the open internet. Dive into a pre-integrated, ready-to-use solution that empowers your engagement strategies from the outset.

Amplified by our strategic Utiq partnership, dive into innovative consent solutions for superior targeting in the open internet.

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Data Collection:

Seamless Digital Insights

Elevate your digital data acquisition capabilities with our robust tools designed for precision and scale:

Website Tag Integration: Embed our versatile website tag into your site, effortlessly capturing intricate user behaviours and trends.

Mobile Data with SDK: Utilise our Software Development Kit (SDK) to seamlessly harness data from your mobile apps, consolidating it within the customer data store.

Advanced Data Enrichment: Every data point is refined with IP-to-location intelligence and user agent reference data, offering deeper user insights.

Unified Data Approach : Data from diverse digital touchpoints is not just gathered but also unified, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Bespoke Data Mapping: Our solution enables customer-specific mappings, allowing tailored transformations and filtering to suit your unique needs.

Our Data Collection capability ensures you’re equipped to make informed decisions based on comprehensive, enriched, and unified behavioural data.

Data Ingestion:

Data Ingestion:

Comprehensive Data
Ingestion for Holistic Insights

Maximise your engagement potential with our state-of-the-art data importing capability, ensuring a seamless flow of information from a myriad of sources:

Versatile Data Integration: Whether your data is online or offline, structured or unstructured, our platform is designed to digest it all – from purchase transactions, web browsing behaviour, to promotion histories.

Wide Source Compatibility: Be it your CRM, Lead Management, Campaign Management Systems, Online Shops, Data Warehouses, or Data Lakes, our Data Importer is tailored to integrate effortlessly. Moreover, we provide the flexibility to accommodate external second or third-party systems, complementing your first-party data.

Quality at the Forefront: Recognising the pivotal role of data quality in successful marketing strategies, our platform ensures data integrity from the get-go. Whilst it’s ideal to address data issues at the source, real-world scenarios can often render this impractical. Hence, we’ve incorporated robust checks and cleansing mechanisms, assuring that your data remains compliant and primed for your marketing endeavours.

Data Security Assurance: All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is transferred employing secure protocols and encrypted upon ingestion. Decryption only occurs when essential for specific delivery methods, such as emails or SMS, safeguarding your users’ privacy.

With our Data Importer, not only do you benefit from a 360-degree view of your customer, but you also have the assurance that every piece of data is safeguarded under the highest data security standards in the industry.

Unified Profile Creation:

Dive Deep with Rich
Customer Insights

With our engagement platform, crafting a comprehensive picture of each individual becomes seamless. By pulling together all the varied details pertaining to a user, and aligning them with their specific data permissions, we build a unified customer profile that’s rich and insightful. From behavioural patterns segmented over certain time intervals to discerning user interests, brand loyalties, personas, and product category inclinations – our platform does it all. To top it off, every intricate detail of this profile is easily accessible through our intuitive profile viewer.

Unified Profile Creation
Adaptive Event Analysis:

Adaptive Event Analysis:

Intelligent Triggers for
Enhanced Engagement

Harness the power of real-time behavioural data streams with our platform. Whether it’s a singular event such as a user’s specific location or the unfolding of a customer journey within certain parameters, our system is attuned to instantly detect and respond. Recognise instances like abandoned shopping carts or more nuanced events that arise from correlating various interactions. These triggers, whether simple or complex, pave the way for timely, trigger-based campaigns and enrich the granularity of your customer profiles.

Intelligent Behavioural Insights:

Unlock the Potential of Machine Learning

Harness the power of our platform’s Machine Learning capabilities to gain a deeper understanding of user behaviour. Through both supervised and unsupervised ML algorithms, we offer:

Classification: Predict the likelihood of specific user actions, such as their propensity to purchase a particular product, or their overall Customer Lifetime Value.

Regression: Use time-series analysis for sales forecasting and trend predictions.

Association: Conduct Basket Analysis to discern user purchase patterns.

Specifically, our propensity models analyse a plethora of factors – from a user’s past purchases, campaign engagements, to their browsing patterns on certain products or categories. 

This offers invaluable insights into their likely future behaviours, such as their likelihood to buy specific products or gravitate towards certain brands. With our platform, you’re not just predicting the future; you’re understanding the present like never before.

Intelligent Behavioural Insights

End-to-End Profile Testing & Monitoring:

Streamline your personalisation approach with our integrated profile tester. In today’s dynamic MarTech landscape, integrating multiple products from diverse vendors often presents multiple potential failure points. This can be especially problematic during campaign setups or new software releases. With our profile tester, you can:

Comprehensive Journey Testing: Seamlessly conduct end-to-end testing across all customer engagement journeys, ensuring that every user interaction elicits the intended campaign responses.

Create & Control Test Profiles: Craft test profiles tailored to your needs, granting you complete authority to modify identifiers, attributes, and consents as necessary.

In essence, our platform ensures your campaigns run smoothly, your integrations function flawlessly, and your personalisation strategies are executed to perfection.

Advanced Segment Builder for Precise Targeting:

Refine your marketing efforts with our intuitive Segment Builder. Designed to harness the power of unified customer profiles, our tool allows you to:

Bespoke Customer Grouping: Segment your customer base and potential leads using common characteristics, ensuring each marketing approach is tailored to resonate with the targeted group.

Leverage Rich Data: Incorporate a plethora of data types, from demographic details and purchase histories to intricate online behaviours, offering you an unparalleled segmentation depth.

Real-Time Estimates: As segmentation is often an iterative process, benefit from our real-time estimation function to immediately gauge the potential size of your chosen segments.

With our Segment Builder, ensure your marketing campaigns are not just broad strokes but finely tuned strategies for optimal impact.
Advanced Segment Builder for Precise Targeting:
Dynamic Campaign Builder for Tailored Outreach:

Dynamic Campaign Builder for Tailored Outreach:

Elevate your marketing strategies with our advanced Campaign Builder.

This powerful tool offers a plethora of features designed to optimise your outreach efforts:

Audience Precision: Easily select your target audience using predefined segments, ensuring you’re communicating with the right individuals every time.

Versatile Campaign Types: Choose from one-off blasts, timely automated schedules or intricate trigger-based campaigns. Whether you’re responding to specific user actions, like an abandoned shopping cart, or planning ahead, our tool caters to every scenario.

Enhanced Personalisation: Assign multiple offers to a single campaign, complemented by freely definable personalisation attributes. This ensures your campaign content resonates deeply with each recipient, fostering heightened relevance and enhanced engagement.

Harness the potential of truly personalised marketing with our Campaign Builder, paving the way for more meaningful interactions with your audience.

Onsite Activation for Tailored User Experiences:

Dive into enhanced digital personalisation with our Onsite Activation feature:

Dynamic Activation: Activate customer-specific attributes, segments, or campaigns directly on your online channels, ensuring your users experience content that resonates with their preferences and behaviours.

Visitor Personalisation: Even if a user isn’t logged in, our system intelligently inlines data based on your ID-Graph into the client data layer, enabling a customised web and app experience tailored to each visitor.

Integration with Personalisation Engines: Seamlessly feed the inlined data into personalisation engines, empowering you to modify content or banners on-the-fly, delivering a more engaging and relevant user experience.

Empower your online channels to deliver a consistent and personalised user journey, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.
Onsite activation
Push Activation:

Push Activation:

Streamlined Personalised Messaging Across Channels:

Optimise your outreach with our advanced Push Activation feature:

Unified Data Integration: Seamlessly merge behavioural and customer data to craft bespoke messages tailored to each individual across all your push channels, including app push, web push, email, SMS, and postal.

Versatile Delivery Methods: Whether you’re keen on instantaneous behavioural-triggered messaging via an API or favour scheduled batch activations, we’ve got you covered. Easily integrate with delivery systems, be it for emails, app pushes, or other channels.

Scheduled or On-Demand Activation: Opt for real-time activations based on user actions, or schedule data pushes for consistent engagement. Alternatively, enjoy the flexibility of one-off activations, ensuring you have complete control over your communication strategy.

Maximise engagement and deliver truly personalised experiences with our all-encompassing Push Activation capability.

Paid Media Activation:

Precision Targeting on Third-Party Platforms:

Boost the efficacy of your marketing campaigns using our Paid Media Activation feature:

Leverage Your Customer Base: Capitalise on the ability to use your first-party data on third-party media platforms. Whether it’s prospecting with audience suppression or crafting tailored cross-sell and upsell campaigns, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Data Match: Go beyond basic targeting. By utilising identifiers such as email, telephone number, address, or device IDs, you can seamlessly match your customers and leads with the expansive audiences of external media giants like Facebook, Google, and with martechpasses you can achieve nearly 100% match rates with utiq’s Authentic Consent Service in the open web.

Conversion Optimisation: Elevate the results of your media campaigns by offering deeper data perspectives for more precise optimisation. For businesses that discern between net and gross sales – especially in instances with notable counts of cancellations, fraud, unpaid or returned orders – our tool is invaluable. Recognise and cater to specific customer groups more inclined to these behaviours to ens ure more meaningful and impactful campaign outcomes. By emphasising on net sales, you can pivot your strategy to target customer segments that yield more reliable and profitable results.

With our Paid Media Activation, you’re not just reaching an audience; you’re targeting the right audience, every time.

Unified Data
Accessibility & Export:

Seamlessly integrate and grant access to all your unified customer profiles using our advanced Data Exporter feature. With the File Activator, you can effortlessly configure regular automated data exports based on set intervals, drawing from the wealth of data accumulated within the engagement platform.

The system is adept at handling a range of file formats, encodings, compressions, and offers the flexibility to direct exports to various destinations, including Amazon S3 or sftp servers. If real-time data transfers are more your speed, our platform also supports streaming capabilities to destinations of your choice – whether that’s streaming behavioural data directly into a data warehouse or relaying campaign outcomes to an attribution system. Moreover, API integrations ensure that your Martech stack is consistently updated in real-time, enhancing efficiency and adaptability.


Engagement Overview at Your Fingertips:

Navigate the intricacies of your campaigns effortlessly with the Engagement Dashboards. These carefully curated reports offer a succinct snapshot of your campaign efficiency and the impact of your customer interactions. Discover which users have been targeted by specific campaigns and track the resultant impressions, clicks, and diverse user actions. Dive deeper to understand the origins of your visitors, be it organic traffic, paid social endeavours, video promotions, search campaigns, or interactions through your own digital assets and push channels. Moreover, evaluate the pivotal metric – the conversion rate of your digital prospects into dedicated customers.

Deep Dive into Engagement Analytics:

Deep Dive into
Engagement Analytics:

Harness the power of real-time insights with the Engagement Analyst. Every user interaction is meticulously logged, streamlined, and made available for immediate analysis. Whether you’re examining individual events or broader categories like page visits, product interactions, newsletter subscriptions, banner impressions, cart engagements, or final purchases, the tool provides you with the depth you need. Delve into the nuances of campaign performance or discern a customer’s favoured channel of interaction. Moreover, this rich data seamlessly integrates with attribution models, empowering you to refine and optimise your media spend effectively.

Offline Conversion Insights:

Discover the bridge between online browsing and offline conversions with the Prospect Attribution Dashboard. This tool enables you to delve deep into the behaviours of prospects who initiate their journey on your website but make the leap to convert offline. By comparing these pathways with those who complete their journey online, you can gain invaluable insights into varied customer experiences and tailor your strategies for optimal engagement across both realms.


Offline Conversion Insights


Track and optimise your campaign outcomes with the Engagement Monitor. This tool harnesses the power of time series analysis, sifting through tracking logs to ensure your customer engagement trajectory aligns with expectations. Establish alerts using specific thresholds and keep a close eye on KPI evolution over periods of time. Key metrics at your fingertips include banner click-through percentages and comprehensive email marketing metrics such as open, click, bounce, and unsubscribe rates. Ensure your campaigns always perform at their best.

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