Add customer data to your paid media campaigns in walled gardens ACROSS search, social and retail media

How our clients improved effectiveness of their ad campaigns: in Facebook, Google or other walled gardens?




Case 1.


Teavaro’s Identity Resolution helps you create better audiences for your paid retargeting campaigns in walled garden like Meta, Google, etc. and reduce your advertising costs

Optimised Facebook Campaign

When you identify visitors and you have access to their offline data, you can decide what is the most effective approach to engage with them.

Optimized targeting

Find the right message or offer

  • Reach out to potential customers throughout their buying journey, including reminding them of items in their cart.
  • Tailor content for anonymous website visitors  based on browsing behavior, historical data and customer value.

Case 2.

Suppressed AudienceS

Thanks to Teavaro’s solution you can leave out audiences that are not interested in your marketing campaign.

Audience suppression allows you to exclude individuals from an advertising campaign based on specific campaign goals to minimise ad spending and increase efficiency.

By using Teavaro’s Identity Resolution you can better identify visitors and decide if you want to exclude them from your paid retargeting campaigns based on their offline data.

Thanks to Teavaro’s identity resolution you can exclude certain groups of individuals from receiving specific marketing messages or campaigns.

There are different reasons for suppressing audiences:

Prospecting campaigns: Sometimes, you want to run marketing campaigns specifically targeting new customers. In such cases, you may suppress your existing customer base to avoid wasting resources on individuals who are already customers.

Low propensity: It is essential to target your marketing efforts toward individuals who are more likely to purchase your product or service. By analysing customer data and behaviour, you can identify those with a low propensity to buy and exclude them from certain campaigns. This helps allocate your marketing budget more effectively.

Bad customers: Some customers may be problematic due to issues like frequent late payments, chargebacks, or a history of returning merchandise. To mitigate financial risks and improve customer relationships, businesses may choose to suppress these customers from certain promotions or offers.

Customer Reachable by your own media: Own media includes channels that a company has direct control over, such as email lists or mobile apps. Suppressing audiences in this context involves identifying users who are actively engaged with your owned media. This allows you to save costs by targeting those who are more likely to respond positively to your messages and offers.

By segmenting and suppressing audiences based on these factors, you can tailor your marketing strategies to be more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric. This helps ensure that marketing efforts reach the right people with the right message at the right time, ultimately leading to better conversion rates and return on investment.

Case 3.

Lookalike AudienceS

When prospecting for new customers, Teavaro can help you identify your best customers and create lookalike audiences in walled gardens.

  • Target the right individuals for your prospecting campaigns
  • Use your advertising budget more efficiently


Benefits of using your 1st Party ID-Graph for advertising
in walled gardens

Better match rates for improved targeting

Better match rates for improved targeting.

Reduce media wastage by suppressing audiences.

Improve prospecting by building more powerful look-alike audiences

Improve prospecting by building more powerful look-alike audiences.

Case Study

With the help of the client's 1st Party ID-Graph match rates with Meta and Google could be improved by 70% compared to using a 3rd Party ID-Graph.

Client Situation

Our client wanted to identify customers across its various sites to create one define audience leveraging the customer identity from login on one site across other sites. Based on this foundation we suggest to the client the addition of a customer data to the behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Our Solution

Teavaro’s Identity Resolution helped increase customer match rates on Google and Facebook.

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