Onsite Personalisation

Personalise users' web and app experience, even if users are not logged in

Thanks to Teavaro's identity resolution, you can identify your customer

From default home to Personalised home

Step 1.

Default home – Landing page

Your website should turn visitors into customers and your homepage and landing pages are the first impression of you they have. Although the needs and wants are different from one customer to another, without Identity Resolution every visitor sees the same information

Personalise the experience of users
Based on your 1st Party ID-Graph

Step 2.

Based on your 1st Party ID-Graph, you can identify the visitor as customer

Step 3.

Personalised home – Landing page

The more personal the connection between your website and your customers, the more likely it is to convert. Transform the customer experience by offering personalised content, even when they are not logged-in, on your media, website, or app.

Make special offers for returning / loyal customers

Personalise users' web and app experience, even if users are not logged in

Ensure webpage experiences match personalised offers and adapt to customer behaviour across devices and group websites


Benefits of Onsite Personalisation

Benefits of onsite personalisation
Improved User Experience  

Improved User Experience.

Reduced Bounce Rates

Reduced Bounce Rates.

Increased Average Order Value

Increased Average Order Value.

 Increased Repeat Purchase Rate

 Increased Repeat Purchase Rate.

Increased Customer Retention Rate

Increased Customer Retention Rate.

Industry research tells us that:


of consumers said they’re more likely to purchase from a brand that personalises experiences*


Personalisation leaders were nearly twice as likely to have exceeded revenue goals compared to brands with low personalisation capabilities*

* Deloitte Digital; July 2022


Your 1st Party ID-Graph is the foundation for the following use cases

You can see real examples from our customers and how 
they benefit from our solution

Build your 1st Party ID-Graph



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