Mastering marketing identity in a cookieless future

05th June 2024

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With: Dirk Rohweder,  Jonas Rashedi

Why do we deal so little with the Cookieless Future? What does the marketing stack have to do with it and where has it actually been invested in recent years? And what is identity management?
In this podcast Jonas Rashedi discusses these and many other questions in the new episode of MY DATA IS BETTER THAN YOURS with Teavaro COO & Co-Founder Dr. Dirk Rohweder. This podcast is available only in German. 

Personalisation: customer identification across all channels

15th February 2023
German flag

With: Dirk Rohweder, Dr. Jörg Reinnarth

The marketing automation expert Dr. Jörg Reinnarth interviews Dr. Dirk Rohweder, COO & Co-founder of Teavaro, whose Customer Data Platform (CDP) promises cross-channel identity resolution. In this podcast you can listen how Dr. Dirk Rohweder explain the importance of personalisation, how people and devices are identified and how behaviour-based trigger campaigns can be optimised using an identity graph. You will go through the possibilities and alternatives of retail media and the cookieless’ future.
The original podcast is in German but you can choose subtitles in English or Spanish. Enjoy your listening!