Regulatory compliance for better customer experiences

our focus

Delivering compliant data usage based on your customers’ permissions

Permission management focussing on user experience can benefit a brand by improving consumer trust and customer relationships. Recent experience with GDPR has shown, however, that the wrong strategy can not only cause regulatory headaches, but impact brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Teavaro’s CDP uses data and integrated consent management designed with compliance in mind, offering:

  • Multi-device and -domain consent management.
  • Full server-side solution, enabling customer vs. device view.
  • Data processing based on consent, legitimate interest or contractual need.
  • Privacy analysis and dashboard to monitor customer consent.
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three core areas

Teavaro’s CDP offers the solution to these personalisation challenges

Lawful processing of marketing

Based on consent, legitimate interest and contractual needs, Teavaro facilitates all marketing use cases for customer data usage and executes these from a centralised management core.

Full customer view for consistent compliance

While customers will engage across devices and channels, they expect a consistent experience. Our server-side solution provides access to a unified profile that solves the disjointed efforts of client-side mechanisms.

Compliance monitoring for audience satisfaction

As part of Teavaro’s compliance management tools, FunnelMonitor® provides the insights into your audiences regulatory responses to improve reach and more effectively control compliance.