Identity resolution across all devices and channels

our focus

Knowing your customer through multiple touchpoints

Marketers are facing multiple identification issues, including browser restrictions on third-party cookies and ad blockers. Identifying your customer is the first, most important step of marketing personalisation.

Teavaro’s CDP facilitates identification that overcomes the current restrictions, providing:

  • Independence from third-party identifiers subject to increasing restrictions.
  • True cross-domain, -device and -channel identity resolution.
  • Proprietary first-party marketing identifiers giving data controllers full control over their data assets.
  • Identification analysis and dashboard to monitor identification progress.
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three core areas

Teavaro’s CDP offers the solution to these personalisation challenges

True cross-domain, device and channel identity resolution

Through proprietary identifiers, customer touchpoints and data assets are unified to a single profile that can not only provide a single customer experience across multiple devices and channels, but can effectively manage tiered accounts, at collective (e.g. household, business) and individual level.

First-party identifier matching

Gain independence from third-party identifiers subject to increasing restrictions when undertaking your marketing activities across paid and owned media. Using first-party identification, take control of an improved customer experience.

Control of your marketing integrations

Teavaro offers flexible, fast integration with your marketing partners, but increases the control over your data. Using a proprietary marketing identifier that can be updated in real-time, the data flow across the marketing stack can be controlled across all campaigns and use cases at the discretion of the data controller.